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feminist_rant's Journal

feminist rant
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a community for feminists to rant about things that annoy them. this isn't for a big rant about how evil men are, but more about how people have negative steryotypes about feminists, or how negativly women are treated in society because of other preconceived ideas about how women should behave, or how women are generally seen as sex objects and aren't always treated fairly or with respect. or generally anything that annoys you about the world that is releated to women and feminism!

this community is also PRO CHOICE! if you are pro life you are free to explain your point of view, perhaps why you think you are a feminist, but anyone who says anything along the lines of, you are all killers, etc, will be banned.

and i have another community
for true feminists to discuss issues that are important to them, whatever they maybe!

please make all posts friends only! so we can keep out trolls as best we can! but i will ban anyone i think is causing trouble, i would just like to keep out the cowardly anon posting as well! :)