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This is what I'm outraged about.

There are an estimated 500 aboriginal women whom have gone missing over the past 30 years in Canada. No one seems to be looking for them.

This page highlights murders of native women in Canada, as well as the fact that so many of these murders or people gone missing remain unsolved. http://www.missingnativewomen.ca


(1) They're native and the decimation of that culture is sickening
(2) They're sex trade workers, drug addicts and seemingly labeled unworthy
(3) They're women

Most in Canada are now quite familiar with the case of serial killer Robert 'Willie' Pickton, who is currently charged with 15 counts of murder. DNA evidence of 25 bodies have thus far been found on his farm and they suspect many more have gone missing whose remains will never be found. They were fed to the pigs.

The saddest thing about the Pickton case is that the women still working the Eastside begged the police for YEARS to look into the Pickton pig farm, because they knew something was going on there. Nothing was done until a group of family members of several missing girls consistently petitioned the police to inquire into the rapidly increasing disappearances of these women.

62 women are missing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside alone.


While reading through these pages, as I have others like them before, I feel first sadness at reading the pages upon pages of women’s stories, sometimes supplemented with pictures, all of these people with lives and people who loved them, under the headlines of “MURDERED” and “MISSING”. Too often underneath their stories is the tagline “UNSOLVED.” And these are only of the women reported missing.

And it continues: In the last few years, in Alberta – predominantley around the cities of Edmonton and Calgary – the bodies of more sex workers are being found. Many that no one ever knew were missing.

My sadness is soon replaced with rage.

It’s a type of gender-genocide that has continued throughout the ages and still exists today. And most people just look the other way.
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